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Custom Dental Websites

Custom dental websites vary from our pre-designed themes in that they are 100% designed from scratch. Which option is best for you, will most likely depend on your goals and budget.

The Design Process

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Discovery & Planning

We'll start off the custom dental website design process with a discovery, planning and strategy session. From here we'll model our concept and get the go ahead from the client (you).

Website Wire frame Sketch
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Design Mockup

After our initial discovery kickoff, our designers will go to work. We'll create some mockups of what the site will look like. A couple rounds of edits are expected at this point.

Custom Website Design Process in Action
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Final Design & Content

By this point we will have written 100% unique content for your website and finalized all of the design. And we will have a functional website ready for you to review.

Custom Dental Website on iMac & iPad
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Testing & Q.A. (Phase 4)

Before we launch any website, we will make sure that the site looks great on all devices with responsive design testing. During this time we will also check for any other errors or bugs.

Responsive Website on iPhone
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Website Launch (Final)

Once the website has been fully checked for errors and edits, we can launch your brand new, custom made website whenever you're ready. You can now "wow" your patients!

Benefits of Custom Websites

  • Portrays Your Brand

    Designing a website from scratch allows you to capture the intimacy & spirit of your practice/brand

  • Customized Features

    Integrate pretty much anything you want, from videos, photos, patient education and more

  • Looks More Credible

    Your custom website will help you stand out from your competitors that have cookie cutter sites

  • You Own Everything

    You own the website, content and graphics so you can take it with you wherever you go

  • Better User Experience

    The website will be tailored to your practice and city so you can rest assured your patients will like it

  • Shows You Care

    Custom sites show you care enough about your practice to invest in a unique custom dental website

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