Truly Unique

Fully Custom Dental Website Design

Showcase your dental practice the way it is meant to be seen with a fully custom dental website design from Elevate DDS. Our custom websites are designed from scratch, with personalized photos and unique content written specifically for your practice and services.

Custom Dental Website Example on iPhone - Dickerson Dental
Responsive Custom Dental Websites Example

Tailored To Your Practice

A unique, beautiful & professional website

Our custom dental websites are designed 100% from scratch and tailored to your individual practice. This all starts with a design kickoff call where we get to know your practice, your goals, your unique value proposition and everything else that makes your office special. After this call our designers go to work to create a well polished, professional responsive website that you can be proud of for years to come. Keep reading to get a better understanding of our design process.

Custom Dental Website Design - Dr. Grace

Custom Design Vs. Semi-Custom Vs. Template

You might be asking yourself why you should consider a custom website over a semi-custom or template website. The simple answer is that custom websites are the best. It's similar to the difference between dentures, snap on dentures, and All-on-4® implants. In this good-better-best scenario, custom dental websites are like the All-on-4 implants. They take time to be designed and crafted to the individuals needs. Semi custom and templated websites will always contain some elements of "stock" design or content. Dental website companies will often take a client's logo, images, business bio, etc. and "fit" those elements into a predesigned template or theme. Custom websites on the other hand, are designed from the ground up to reflect your individual practice, focus areas/specialties and unique selling/value proposition. All website files and content will be written for your individual practice and 100% owned by you, the business owner.

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The Elevate DDS Custom Design Process

Website Design Discovery

1. It starts with discovery

We'll start off the custom dental website design process with a discovery, planning and strategy session. Here we want to get to know what services you like to focus on, how many new patients you want your website to bring in each month, and your overall practice goals. We also want to collect or work on producing images, video and other custom assets of your practice we can use within our design.

Women Looking at Elevate DDS Custom Website on a Laptop

2. Then Design Mockups

After the initial discovery and planning phase, our designers will get to work on producing either design mockups or a rough draft development site. Here you'll get to see the website taking shape in what will eventually be the final draft of your fully custom, fully responsive website.

Woman Writing Custom Website Copy

3. Custom Written Content

At this point our dental focused copy writers will have written custom content for all of your website pages. This content will be added to the homepage and every service page within your new dental website design. You'll get a chance to read this content in the next phase prior to launch.

Website Code Editing

4. Client Edits & Revisions

We want to make sure our clients are 100% happy and satisfied with their new custom website design. During the edit phase, we'll work with our clients to tweak content, update photos and develop added features that are necessary for the final launch. Elevate DDS guarantees 3 rounds of edits, but most of our clients find that 1-2 rounds is plenty.

Quality Assurance Testing on Mobile & Desktop Devices

5. QA & Mobile Testing

Before launching your brand new custom dental website, we'll want our team of quality assurance specialists to check the site's functionality. The Elevate DDS development team will make sure the site is 100% responsive ready, ensuring every page is optimized for mobile and tablet devices, as well as multiple laptop and desktop screen sizes.

Woman Viewing Dental Video on a Laptop

6. Website Launch

After we've ensured your new website is technically sound and looks great on all electronic devices, we're ready for launch! When launching a website the Elevate DDS team will work with you to gain access to your domain registrar (such as GoDaddy). We then usually plan our launches for night time or weekends for minimal disruption of services.

Custom Dental Website Examples

Castano Periodontics Custom Website Mockup
Custom Dental Websites - 4th & Seneca Dental

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Looking to discuss your new website design options? Give us a call at (888) 300-8994 or pick a time that works best for your schedule below.

Custom Website FAQ's

If a custom website is built correctly and utilizes SEO / UX (user experience) best practices, then a custom website with unique content is generally better for SEO. That's not to say that any semi-custom theme built by Elevate DDS cannot outrank a fully custom website, but if your goal is to be the best and look the best, then you should probably invest in a custom dental website.

Custom websites are designed specifically for your practice and will be 100% unique to your business. The content on an Elevate DDS custom dental website is written for your practice. You'll own 100% of the website (built on WordPress) including all artwork, photography and content. A custom website will also increase the likelihood of converting patients when actively participating in digital marketing such as dental SEO, Google Ads or social media marketing

Elevate DDS typically delivers custom websites to clients in 6-8 weeks. However, there are a few factors that can lengthen the timeframe from signed contract to finished website. Website photography and video can increase delivery times if not completed in timely manner. We do NOT recommend skipping out on quality photography during a custom website build, as great photos can make or break the project and results.

Pictures speak a thousand words when it comes to web design. Perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT element of a custom website build is quality photography that showcases your practice, persona and unique value proposition. When investing time and money into a new website we never recommend skimping on quality photos (and video). If you have a photographer or videographer you prefer to use locally, great! Otherwsie, Elevate DDS partners with a company called Gravity Video that offers high quality video, photos, drone footage and more. The do great work at very affordable prices by industry standards. We'll also send recommendations and pointers to your photographer/videographer to help with design & conversion purposes.

Sonoma Smiles Custom Website Design Responsive Mockup