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Dental Practice Videos & Video Marketing

Dental practice videos can be used on your website, YouTube, Google Ads, social media channels and anywhere else online. Elevate DDS is capable of high quality video production and video marketing for all practice types.

Quality Video Offers A Ton Of Value To Your Practice

93% of all internet users watch video, so investing in quality video production is a good idea for any practice. Elevate DDS offers quality video, still photo shots and arial drone footage all rolled into one day of production. We come to your practice to shoot video that can be used on YouTube, social media channels, Google Ads, and most importantly your website. Our videographers will be on site for one day shooting pre-scripted videos to ensure we capture precisely what is needed for all marketing efforts.

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Why Elevate DDS for Video?

We use video everywhere Online to maximize the value

At Elevate DDS we help our clients maximize the value of their dental practice video production across the internet. Instead of just creating a video to be used as a background on a website, we want to squeeze all of the value of the footage into social posts and advertising opportunities, as well as for SEO purposes.

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1. On Your Website

We can utilize footage in multiple ways on our client websites. Video can be used as header backgrounds, or as "click to watch" dental practice introduction videos. We'll squeeze all value out of your videos for maximum SEO benefit.

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2. YouTube & Social Media

All videos will be uploaded to YouTube and other applicable social media channels. Video footage can be great for creating social media ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Google Ads

3. Video Advertising

The Google Ads platform allows for local targeting of video ads on YouTube and 3rd party sites across the web. Video advertising can be leveraged with other marketing efforts to maximize lead generation and your ROI.

Ready To Learn More?

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What to Expect

Elevate DDS charges a set price for 1-3 videos that includes travel with one day of shooting. Still photos and arial drone footage (if applicable) are also included. We'll create video scripts to approve prior to the day of shooting so that the doctors and videographers can be as efficient as possible.

All video is then edited into 1-3 videos (depending upon the agreement) up to 5 minutes in length. Raw footage will be retained by Elevate DDS for advertising purposes if clients choose to utilize this feature. Elevate DDS will edit and upload applicable video into our client websites, as well as post to YouTube and social channels.

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