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Elevate DDS offers some of the best and most personalized dental marketing services available. We truly understand that your success is our success.

Why Elevate DDS:

We're a different kind of marketing company

At Elevate DDS our focus is on transparency, customer service, and working exclusively with 1 client per city or area. Our clients have access to their account manager at any time. This means no long hold times on the phone, or passing clients around to different departments. We also love status calls and explaining (with visual reports) how your marketing is performing. With Elevate DDS, gauging your ROI is quick and easy.

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The Elevate DDS ROI calculator

Measurable & Proven Results

Elevate DDS is a boutique dental marketing agency offering full-service digital marketing services for dentists. Our team has been in the digital marketing world since it's inception. Much has changed over the last 10 years with online marketing, but the need to measure marketing results and ROI hasn't. We've dedicated our craft to tried and true dental marketing tactics. We know our solutions work because we've measured them for our clients from our beginnings at Elevate DDS.

The Elevate DDS ROI Calculator is a custom marketing dashboard that allows our clients to see exactly what's working with their marketing. Your dashboard can tack anything from Google SEO ranking results and social media statistics, to Google Ads and much more. We believe in absolute transparency with our marketing efforts, and it all starts with measuring and sharing your results!

Website Design Discovery

See what campaigns send visitors to your website & generate phone calls.

Calculate your monthly marketing ROI.

See where your keywords rank in Google.

Elevating New Patient Acquisition

At Elevate DDS our focus is on transparency, customer service, and working exclusively with 1 client per city or area. This is how we're able to generate so many new patients for our clients. Clients have access to their account manager at any time. This means no long hold times on the phone, or passing clients around to different departments. We also love status calls and explaining (with visual reports) how your marketing is performing. With Elevate DDS, gauging your ROI is quick and easy.

Pragma Dental Case Study
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$38,500 ROI

1 Month Return on Investment

From top rankings in Google to best in class Google Ads tactics, Elevate DDS was able to deliver an additional $38,500 ROI in a single month. Pragma Dental dominates their market in Google for almost every keyword in dentistry.

Grace Jun, DDS - Pragma Dental

Dr. Grace Jun DDS - Pragma Dental
Glacier Centre for Dentistry
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104% Increase

In year over year leads

100% of tracked keywords now rank on the first page of Google & 70% in the top 3 results. We were DDS was able to deliver 104% more leads year over year after switching to Elevate DDS, using SEO & Google Ads marketing campaigns.

Dr. Kurt Lindemann - Glacier Center for Dentistry

Dr. Kurt Lindemann - Glacier Center for Dentistry
Irving Family Dental
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179 Leads/month

In a Single Month

Elevate DDS was able to provide a +219% increase in leads year over year with SEO and Google Ads campaigns in a very competitive market.

Dr's Bavishi & Doshi - Irving Family Dental

Dr. Rashab Doshi - Irving Family Dental

Ready To Discuss Your Website & Marketing Needs?

Expert Level

Online Dental Marketing Services

Dental Website Design

Without an awesome website for your dental practice, your marketing won't matter. Your website needs to be well coded, SEO optimized, completely personalized, and designed to bring in new patients.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing services on Facebook and Instagram are two fold with direct lead generation, as well as engagement and brand building. Learn more about our all encompassing Facebook & Instagram advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are dental SEO experts that focus on getting our client websites to the top of Google. Let us increase your search engine visibility, increase your web leads, and increase your practice's bottom line.

Reputation Management

The majority of Google users are now said to trust online reviews as much, if not more, than personal recommendations. At Elevate DDS we offer clients an automated solution for both gathering and monitoring reviews.

Google Ads (AdWords)

Google Ads offers multiple opportunities to get your dental practice in front of potential patients. Pay-per-click search ads are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advertising within the Google network.

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Video Marketing

Elevate DDS has partnered with some of the best video production companies to offer custom tailored video solutions for practices all over the country. We've also got the expertise to promote your videos on the web

Why Elevate DDS

How We Grow Your Practice

1. Conversion Optimized Website

A personalized website designed to convert visitors into patients is the most important piece of the marketing puzzle. A bad website can doom your dental marketing efforts from the start. The better the website, the better your results will be.

2. Lift Your Brand with SEO

The second most important dental marketing service is boosting your Google keyword rankings via search engine optimization (SEO). Not only will higher search results lead directly to more leads, but those leads will be more qualified than any other form of marketing.

3. Attract More Visitors & Leads

Depending on the individual client's needs and competition, we can build a multi-channel approach to acquiring new patient leads. This would include Pay Per Click advertising, display (visual) ads, social media ads and retargeting.

4. Seal the Deal & Retain Patients

Happy patients will attract more new patients. Our reputation management software will help spread the word of your practice's success. Engaging with those happy patients via social media will also bolster client retention rates.

Dental Marketing FAQ's

We only work with one dental practitioner or specialist per area so that 100% of our focus is on one client only. There is no conflict of interest. All of our focus is on helping your practice achieve top Google rankings and bring more patients into your practice. And you never have to worry about us helping your competition.

Our custom analytics dashboard allows clients to track their marketing campaign ROI with full transparency. With the Elevate DDS ROI Calculator, dentists are able to increase profitability by seeing what marketing campaigns work best. Track your Google and Facebook ad performance, organic search (SEO) visits, online review performance, overall ROI and so much more. Every dashboard is completely customizable.

The amount of new patients you can expect varies by marketing services. Search engine optimization services can generally lead to anywhere form 10 new patients per month on the low end, to up to around 75 new patients on the high end in large markets. Google Ads services can generate a range  of new patients in the amount of 20-75 new patients depending on budget and market size. When these services are combined with social media ads, remarketing and sales funnels, there is no reason a dental office shouldn't be generating upwards of 100 new patients per month. *NOTE* These numbers also vary greatly by marketed service. For instance, if advertising only dental implant cases, expected new patient numbers should be lower than above statements.

Generally speaking we do not have any time commitment contracts as we see ourselves as performance players. There should not be a reason to lock clients into yearly contracts for services that don't work for them. Elevate DDS simply asks for 30 days written notice prior to cancellation date of service. However, some in-depth SEO services (especially in larger markets) may require 6 month time commitments due to the time it takes to show premium results (SEO is not instant unfortunately). Also some Google Ads agreements may require a 90 day commitment due to the complexity of machine learning & data optimization on Google's behalf.