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Google Ads Campaign Management for Dentists

Elevate DDS is one of the premier Google Ads management companies for your dental practice. We know that all leads are not created equal, so we work tirelessly to deliver the highest quality patient lead to your practice.

Why Elevate DDS:

Not just any leads... High quality leads!

Stop wasting money on ineffective Google Ads. Not every "conversion" in Google ads leads to a new patient, and certain keyword clicks lead to higher quality patients. We've been managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns for over 10 years. Over this time we've gotten to know our client's individual needs and work with them to deliver the highest quality leads possible.

Google Ads for Dentists Reporting Dashboard

What Makes An Effective Google Ads Strategy?

Most dentists we talk to and work with don't understand how some businesses find success using Google Ads, while others do not. At Elevate DDS we've spent years (plus thousands of hours) working within the Google Ads dashboard and testing landing pages. While each market is different and each client strategy is unique, we've got tried and true methods for generating new patients every month. Success campaigns include, but are not limited to:

Google Ads Campaign Creation Screen

1. Hyper Targeted & Relevant Ads

84% of consumers say reviews are ‘important’ or ‘very important’ in choosing a business.

Landing Page Example for Google Ads

2. Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

84% of consumers say reviews are ‘important’ or ‘very important’ in choosing a business.

Google Analytics Data

3. Continued Optimization Using Real Data

84% of consumers say reviews are ‘important’ or ‘very important’ in choosing a business.

Ready To Discuss Your Website & Marketing Needs?

Dentist Talking With a Marketing Professional

How Can Elevate DDS Help?

Our Google Ads Services

Elevate DDS manages Google Ads for dentists in big and small cities throughout the United States. Our clients tend to achieve their marketing goals within the first few months of running ads. Whether your goal is 10-25 extra new patients per month, high end cases, or growing a large patient base, we have a plan that works for you.

We manage every step of pay per click campaign creation, management & optimization as well as display (visual) advertising. Get in touch with one of our experts today and see how we can deliver a maximum ROI via Google Ads.

Real Client Results

Elevating New Patient Acquisition

At Elevate DDS we focus on results. This is why we don't have long term contracts on SEO, Google Ads or any other marketing services. We strive to create trusting relationships that lead to growth for both parties. All of our marketing efforts are tracked via analytics and compiled into an easy to understand dashboard for our clients. But don't just take our word for it!

Pragma Dental Case Study
Pragma Dental Logo
$38,500 ROI

1 Month Return on Investment

From top rankings in Google to best in class Google Ads tactics, Elevate DDS was able to deliver an additional $38,500 ROI in a single month. Pragma Dental dominates their market in Google for almost every keyword in dentistry.

Grace Jun, DDS - Pragma Dental

Dr. Grace Jun DDS - Pragma Dental
Glacier Centre for Dentistry
Pragma Dental Logo
104% Increase

In year over year leads

100% of tracked keywords now rank on the first page of Google & 70% in the top 3 results. We were DDS was able to deliver 104% more leads year over year after switching to Elevate DDS, using SEO & Google Ads marketing campaigns.

Dr. Kurt Lindemann - Glacier Center for Dentistry

Dr. Kurt Lindemann - Glacier Center for Dentistry
Irving Family Dental
Irving Family Dental Logo in White
179 Leads/month

In a Single Month

Elevate DDS was able to provide a +219% increase in leads year over year with SEO and Google Ads campaigns in a very competitive market.

Dr's Bavishi & Doshi - Irving Family Dental

Dr. Rashab Doshi - Irving Family Dental

Google Ads Management FAQ's

Elevate DDS utilizes a custom analytics dashboard that allows us to track our client marketing efforts in Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Organic (SEO rankings & analytics). We provide at a minimum monthly/quarterly reporting on all efforts and are happy to host ongoing status calls with our clients. Your ROI is easy to see and understand with Elevate DDS!

When it comes to Google Ads management fees, there are basically 2 models that most agencies use. Either agencies use a set monthly management fee model, or a percentage of the client's Google Ad budget. At Elevate DDS we charge a set monthly management fee for our Google Ads services because we don't believe in the percentage model. In our experience, agencies that use a percentage model tend to only care about getting their client to spend more & more in Google Ads, regardless of performance. Throwing more money at a problem doesn't always solve it, and this model is often abused. Instead, we opt for a set management fee each month based on the client's needs and advertising complexities. Our fees are extremely reasonable by industry standards.

This is one of the harder questions to answer until we know more about your goals and competitors in your area. Generally speaking, Elevate DDS can deliver general dental patients for as low as $35/lead in rural areas and as low as $55/lead in urban areas. These can vary up or down just depending on the individual client or area, but are a good starting point. Once we know approximately what each patient lead will cost in your area we can work the numbers to determine a good budget and ROI. We always recommend starting with a minimum of $1,500/month ad spend in Google and adjusting accordingly.