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Social Media Marketing for Dental Offices

Unlock the full potential of your office with social media marketing. Stay engaged with patients and potential patients, as well as boost your brand's favorability using Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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The Essential Social Media Networking Tools

Elevate DDS offers all of the essential tools for social media marketing for dental offices. We help to create custom artwork for your channels that match the look of your brand. We also offer weekly social media postings, blog posts, YouTube video creation (assets needed from clients), as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising.

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1. Facebook & Instagram

Elevate DDS can help setup your Facebook & Instagram branded presence and optimize it for success. We also include weekly posts to Facebook in our Peak Performance marketing package.

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2. YouTube Presence

We work with dental professionals to setup and optimize YouTube channels, as well as optimize video posts. When utilized correctly, YouTube can increase SEO & bring in leads via video ads.

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3. Social Advertising

When utilized correctly, social media ads should increase both your brand favorability, as well as lead directly to new patient generation. We work with clients to leverage both strategies for success.

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Use Social Media To:

Build Awareness, Increase Favorability & Generate Leads

Elevate DDS takes an approach to social media that helps leverage the entire social ecosystem. Rather than focusing solely on 1-to-1 lead generation via Facebook or Instagram (which doesn't usually work very well), we try to leverage each of the campaign types to boost your brand, build a loyal following and then increase lead generation (new patients). We work with dental practices to create content that potential patients can relate to. We can then create ads, look-alike audiences and retargeting campaigns to truly capture all the value social media has to offer.

Social Media Marketing for Dental Offices