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Local Directories Matter!

It's no secret prospective patients are using the internet to search for local businesses. In fact, 4 in 5 customers search for a local business online (source). And when patients find incorrect information, 73% lose trust in that business (source)! And the truth is, it's not the doctor or practice's fault. There isn't a single source or permanent record of location data online making it extremely difficult and timely to constantly monitor. Inconsistency results in low confidence, decreased local SEO rankings, and runs the risk of losing business. This means taking control of your local listings and properly managing your location data is imperative.

Without the proper platform and tools, managing online directories (Google My Business, Yahoo local, Vitals, Yelp) would be a full-time job. Our local listings solution not only corrects your bad data but also places you in directories you may not have been found in before. Best part, we handle all of this for you saving your practice time and money. Patients have choices, if they can't take an action in one place, they will find somewhere (and someone) else to take an action.

Factors that Drive Local Search

Elevate DDS ensures your business information is consistent across 50+ trusted directories. These sites may be the only interaction a patient has with your practice before making a decision on where to book their next appointment. We'll make sure it's accurate!

Google My Business & More

Get your Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo maps listed, updated and optimized as part of our package.

AdWords Express

Display your ad at the top of Google Maps. Attracting local visitors and dominating map results.

Local Directories

Make sure your business name and information is accurate and up-to-date across all local directories.

Duplicate Suppression

Duplicate business listings and incorrect data can negatively affect your local SEO. Clean up is crucial.

Google Offers

Running a special on teeth whitening? Dental implants? Receive additional exposure with Google Offers.

Reputation Management

Reviews are crucial to local SEO. You create the 5-star patient experience, we provide the platform to capture.

Check Your Local Listings for Errors

You can run a report right now to see how your local listings appear across 50 plus local directories on the web.

Elevate DDS Listings Solution Allows You To:

  • Take Control

    Control how patients view you online. No more misrepresentations of your practice under our watch.

  • Build Your Practice

    Your digital presence is as fundamental as your business signage. Build the brand you want.

  • Increase Patient Traffic

    Drive more patients online... and more importantly, offline. We help bring the traffic straight to your chair.

Local Listings Management

Take Control of Online Directory Listings

Nearly 40% of online location information is incorrect. To solve this problem Elevate DDS will get you listed on 50+ digital directories and maps where you may have not been before, correct the listings with bad data, and control how your practice shows up everywhere online. This gives you full control of how your patients view you online.

  • Integrated Technology

    The information we input into our listing platform cannot be overwritten due to our API. This allows complete control over the information displayed to your patients at all times.

  • Duplicate Suppressions

    Duplicate listings can be detrimental to your local SEO. We suppress duplicate listings AND keep them from reappearing.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Your practice information is up-to-date at all times.

Building Your Brand

Ensuring your NAP (name, address, phone number) is congruent across 50+ directories and sites is the first step. Elevate DDS takes it a step further and includes "rich data" in each of your listings so you now not only take control of your listings but also build brand awareness. Rich data includes information such as practice logo, photo gallery, hours, practice bio, social media links, etc. In healthcare, criteria that matter differs from patient to patient (i.e. gender, insurance accepted). With patients becoming very detailed in their search, we make sure your profile is filled out in its entirety with the information you want to be viewed.

  • Stand Out From the Competition

  • Link to Your Promotions

  • Showcase Doctor Bio's

Marketing Analytics Report

Increase Patient Traffic

Getting found online is key to offline sales. You already work incredibly hard on driving what makes your practice unique and special every day. With our solutions, you can worry less about how prospective and current patients view you online and instead focus on enhancing the patient experience. Get back to doing what you and your team do best, DENTISTRY.

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