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When we talk about dental SEO and search engine optimization, there are two placements that matter in Google. One of those placements (or listing) is in the map pack results at the top. The other is the organic results listed below the map pack. Every dentist has the opportunity to have their listing displayed in both the maps listings and the organic listings below. This is where search engine optimization and local marketing becomes critical to finding online success. Elevate DDS works with each practice on an individual basis to determine what is needed to get their business at the top of the map pack AND organic listings.

Dental SEO Results & Local

How We Achieve Top SEO Results

Website Optimizations

It all starts with a solid foundation within your website. We make sure everything is 100% optimized with the latest SEO best practices.

Local Online Directories

We make sure your business name, address and telephone number is accurate and up-to-date on directories, and optimized perfectly.

Google My Business

We get your Google My Business (Google Places) listing updated and optimized according to our latest best practices.

Fast Website Loading

Making sure your website is extremely quick to load is critical to ranking well in search results. We make sure it loads in under 3 secs.

Map Listings & Relevancy

We update and optimize your business info in map results, and make sure you're sending the proper 'relevancy' signals to Google.

We're Industry Experts

Our founder is an industry expert in SEO and boasts over 10 years experience helping fortune 500 companies rank high in Google.

We Focus On More Than Just Google

Making sure your business shows up in Google, Yahoo, Bing and all map systems, as well as mobile apps can be exhausting. This is why we've created a package to handle everything!

Local SEO Management

Check Your Local SEO for Errors

You can run a report right now to see how well your business is represented for local SEO!

What Dental SEO Success Looks Like:

  • Optimized Websites

    We use tried and true on-page SEO solutions to make sure your website meets Google's standards 100%

  • Mobile SEO & Speed

    We optimize your website for mobile and for fast loading. This is critical in today's handheld, mobile world. 

  • Relevancy

    We implement all of the newest best practices to promote relevancy to Google & other search engines.

Website Optimizations

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Every SEO campaign should start with a solid foundation. Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions are a good start. On-page content should be very well written and organized meticulously. Other focus areas include:

  • Unique & Well Written Content

  • On-page Headlines & Keyword Optimizations

  • Keyword Optimized Blog Posts

  • Fresh & Updated Monthly Content

  • Image & Photo Optimizations

Mobile Responsive & Speed Optimized

The majority of Google searches are now performed on mobile devices rather than desktop PC's. Your SEO strategy should be reflective of this fact. You're better off with a responsive website, as well as:

  • SEO Friendly URL Structures

  • Lightning Fast Load Times

  • Social Signals & Easy Sharing


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Relevancy & Other Factors

Making sure your website is perfectly SEO optimized is only the beginning. We also need to send other signals to Google that shows your website is relevant to someone searching for a dentist or dental service in your area. There are multiple ways we establish relevancy in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Give us a call to find out more.

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