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Video marketing is such an important and productive marketing tool for any dentist. Video is like a window into your practice. It gives your potential patients the opportunity to learn more about your business, and become acquainted with your staff. There are multiple avenues to get your message in front of the right people. You can show your dental videos to potential patients on YouTube and parts of the Google Display Network. You can also extend your reach to Facebook and other social networks. High quality, personalized video production is important for success. Partnering with the right advertising agency is also critical to getting your video in front of the right people, at the appropriate time.

Video Marketing on Computer

Deliver Your Video Where it Counts

Getting your video in front of the right audience at the right times is crucial. Elevate DDS dental video marketing services make sure your video finds the right audience.

YouTube Video Ads

Get in front of potential patients with YouTube video advertising options.

Easy Options

TrueView in stream ads, video discovery ads and bumper ads are great options.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are great for getting in front of potential patients in your network.

Video in Feeds

Show video ads to potential patients in your area and increase referrals with Facebook video ads.

The Google Network

Google offers a lot more options outside of YouTube for video advertising.

Google Video Partners

Engage new viewers outside of YouTube with other Google video partners.

Learn More About Video Services

Want to know more about where, when and how we can take your video advertising to the next level?

Successful Video Marketing

  • High Quality Video

    All successful dental video marketing campaigns start with high quality, personalized video production.

  • Target Ad Placement

    Next you'll need to make sure your videos are put in front of the right audience at the right time.

  • Conversion Optimization

    The final step is making sure that your video efforts are leading to conversions & new patients.

Dentist Channel on YouTube

When To Use High Quality Video

Investing in quality video production is generally a good idea. Any videos you create are going to be a reflection of your practice. So posting low-quality videos on your website or third party sites is usually not a good idea. A quality camera is recommended, as well as good sound and lighting. Picking a recommended, professional videographer is very important. Take a look at their previous work and examples before making a hiring decision. But remember, not ALL of your video marketing needs to be of the highest quality. You can use outlets such as YouTube, Facebook & Google Plus to post video testimonials that you've recorded yourself. The same can be said for how-to videos. However, any videos that you post to the homepage of your website, or display prominently on other third party websites, should be good quality.

Know Where To Show Your Videos

Knowing where to reach your audience is crucial for a successful video marketing campaign. We recommend using high-quality video on your website and in paid video marketing campaigns. You should generally reserve self-recorded videos (usually lower quality) for your YouTube and Facebook channels. Once you've created high-quality video for advertising purposes, we can help you get in front of potential patients on YouTube, Facebook and within the Google Advertising Network. Knowing when, where and how to use specific placements for video will yield better results.

Types of YouTube Video Ads
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Create A Strong Call To Action

The most important step for any kind of marketing or advertising is creating an extremely strong call to action (CTA). Identifying an end goal before embarking on video creation, will help your conversions tremendously. Start with a special offer or something of value. Create a compelling video to back up your offer. Then close your leads in supreme fashion with a great CTA!

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