Understanding Dental Marketing ROI & Attracting the Best Patients

Dental Marketing ROI

Understanding and Optimizing Dental Marketing ROI In the competitive landscape of dental practices, mastering Dental Marketing ROI is essential for ensuring that marketing investments lead to significant returns. This guide offers actionable strategies for dental professionals to enhance their marketing ROI effectively. The Fundamentals of Dental Marketing ROI ROI measures the success of your dental…

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Is My Website Outdated? How Often to Update Or Redesign Your Dental Website

Is My Dental Website Outdated Already?

Dental practitioners, orthodontists and pediatric offices should consider redesigning their websites every 3-4 years to stay aligned with the latest design trends, aesthetics, and technological advancements. This periodic renewal not only keeps your online presence fresh and engaging but also ensures you remain competitive and relevant in a crowded market. The Importance of Staying Updated…

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What Do Dental Websites Cost In 2024?

Dental Website Costs 2024

Dental website costs in 2024 can range from $1,000 on the very low end, up to $20,000 or more on the high end. There are several factors that will determine your bottom line website design fees such as complexity of the site, platform (such as Wordpress), template vs. custom, and expertise of the designers and developers involved.

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Negative Review Safeguarding – Google Review Policy Updates

Negative Dental Office Reviews on iPhone

What you need to know about Google’s review policy change Google updated their terms of service (TOS) regarding online reviews in April. You can find Google’s updated policy here. There are a couple of line items that could specifically effect dentists and the way that some practices solicit reviews. Those items listed in Google’s updated…

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Is Facebook Making a Shift to Pay to Play for Businesses?

Facebook Business Ads Manager on iPad

Facebook announced an algorithm change last week Facebook made an announcement last week that they would be adjusting their algorithm to include more posts from friends and family, and less from news sources & businesses. You can read a full write up of the algorithm change on the social dashboard company Hootsuite, over on their…

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4 Tips to Win With Google AdWords for Dentists

Grow Your Business With Google Ads

If you’ve found minimal success with Google AdWords for your dental practice thus far, you’re not alone. We’ve worked with quite a few dentists that haven’t had much luck with Pay Per Click advertising models. The problem is not in the advertising model itself, but rather the execution. If you’ve attempted to run AdWords on…

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Dental Marketing Plan & Strategies

Marketing Campaign Strategy Illustration

How to Create an Awesome Dental Marketing Plan Every small business owner tends to struggle with creating their first marketing plan. I think the main reason for this is that most business owners tend to focus on the outcome and end campaigns, while often overlooking the strategy, planning and execution phases. Unless you’ve gone to…

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Stop Flooding Your Facebook Timeline With Reviews

Facebook Social Media

As patients and consumers, we have a multitude of options when it comes to where we can leave our positive or negative feedback regarding our experience or purchase. Among these options, the most popular sites for patient feedback tend to be Facebook, Google, Yelp, Healthgrades and ZocDoc. We know reviews are important to local SEO,…

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