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15 Year Web & SEO Expert...

15 Year Web & SEO Expert...

Quite often we receive questions from clients about their dental website analytics. And I think website analytics are an important part of online marketing efforts. However, I am not sure that analytics are an important item for dentists to be concerned about.

Website Analytics

Dentists should really be concerned about one metric only, and that is visitor conversion. Doctor’s shouldn’t concern themselves with how many people are visiting the site or clicking different pages, etc. Doctor’s should really only be focused on the bottom line, which is “are visitors taking action once they land on my site” (making a phone call or filling out a form). It should be the dental website company or marketing service provider that worries about how the website is performing. Dental website analytics are extremely valuable when designing and optimizing a website.

What Statistics or Data is Valuable?

When our designers create new website designs or modify existing templates, we use the collective data from all of our client websites. This data comes from an analytical tool called Google Analytics. Google Analytics, or GA for short, is a free website analytics software that allows website owners and webmasters to gather data on their website usage. GA provides useful website metrics such as:New Visits: The amount of new visitors that land on a website in a given month or time frame.

Time on Site:

The amount of time those visitors stay on a website. Good for knowing how useful or interactive your website content is to visitors.

Bounce Rates:

The amount of visitors that navigate to a website and then exit the site after only viewing one page. A good indicator of a poor website or content.

Pageviews & Avg. Pageviews:

The amount of pages a visitor lands on in a single visit & the avg. for all visitors. It’s also good to see which pages they visit while on your site.

Conversions & Goals:

Conversions are obviously the best metric to track because this is where the money is. A conversion can be tracked as a form submission, phone call or desired event.

This is just a small number of metrics that Google Analytics allows us to monitor. There are some other important metrics that include how a visitor landed on a given website, either using a keyword specific search in Google or via a link on a third party website. This is usually called “referral traffic” and is another important metric to analyze.

Are These Analytics Useful for Dental Websites?

All of these data points can tell a pretty compelling story for larger websites but are not always necessary to analyze on small local business websites. The main goal of having access to this data is so we as designers and webmasters can use it to optimize our client’s websites and design templates. By knowing what works and what does not work, we can merge this data into the design process and create some pretty powerful dental website templates. Templates that I believe are some of the most powerful in the industry.

To learn more about how we use Google Analytics and other analytical details in our dental websites, please contact us here or give us a call at (888) 300-8994.

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Cody Prentice
Cody Prentice

15 Year Web & SEO Expert - Cody is a performance driven marketing and advertising expert in the digital marketing and advertising industry. He has helped drive profits and sales through strategic digital campaigns across multiple platforms including SEO, PPC, display, email, print, radio and television.

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